What is SAP HANA? in a nutshell

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SAP HANA is the database technology based on the company’s (SAP) revolutionary in memory database technology.

Now what exactly is in-memory database?

In order to explain the benefit, let us go back to the basics of computer architecture. The standard computer comprises of the following

a processor, that processes the instructions.

a Hard disk to store the data on a longer term

and RAM where information is fetched from the hard drive and kept until the processor acts upon the data.

The data is then stored again on the hard drive to avoid losing it.

Computer Architecture Review

The conventional databases as we know today are resident in huge clusters of hard disks which takes some time to access the data in a couple of seconds to read from disks due to high disk latency, on the other hand the in memory database is based in RAM instead of hard disk, which makes it super fast to read and write records.

Now you might be thinking if the key to super fast computer is to have a lot of RAM, so let’s get rid of the hard disks and replace it with more RAM. Since RAM is a volatile memory that gets wiped off as soon as we loses the power. we need to back up the data to hard drives on regular basis to avoid losing it.

SAP HANA Unique selling preposition

SAP HANA database does exactly that, and that is their (USP) Unique Selling preposition for it. As the calculations are performed at database layer instead of application layer, the results are super fast performance

Stay tuned for more articles on SAP HANA as we explore further

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