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Today, I will be introducing the Alteryx Designer. the tool to visual data processing. In the fast paced word of data analytics, sometimes it is very difficult to make sense of your analysis. You should consider yourself lucky if the data you export from your information system is ready for processing by your data processing tool. So what should we do?. Leave the data preparation part for the experts?

The answer is No with a capital N. Good for you , you don’t live in the early days of computing that you need to reinvent the wheel. People like the folks at Alteryx have already done most of the work for you.


Well not all the work I mean, but they equip you with the tools to handle all your data wrangling problems. (I am not impressed, tell me what it can do?)

What is Alteryx Designer?

Alteryx Designer is a Windows software application that provides an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface for users to create repeatable workflow processes. Users can drag tools from a toolbox onto a canvas, connect them together, and edit their properties to create Alteryx workflows, apps, and macros. Users can use these workflows to share with others.

This allows for continuous enhancements and refinements to the workflow and data results. Additionally, users can view data anywhere within a created workflow stream as a table, map, graph, or other visual representation.

Additionally, users may use Alteryx Designer to publish their workflows, apps, and macros to the Alteryx Analytics Gallery where others can have access to running or downloading them.

The Alteryx Engine seamlessly integrates with R. When users choose to install the suite of R-based tools and macros used for predictive analysis, Alteryx also installs the R program and the additional packages that provide connectivity between Alteryx and R and are required for the tools and macros to work. Users can use R scripts or the R-based macros to process data directly within a workflow. When the workflow is run, the Alteryx Engine communicates with the R engine via a command line executable to process and send back the data.

What it can do?

Sounds Cool, how can I try?

There is a 1 month trial version available here. That you can use to learn more about the tool. Since It is not a free tool and costs a lot of money. Learning this tool can help you enhance your career prospects as this is the future of work.

Do let me know what you think about this post in the comments below. Would you like to see more posts related to Alteryx or similar tools that can make you future ready.

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