Automated Machine Learning with AutoKeras

As you know, I am very much into automated stuff. I don’t want to do much but get the benefits data science has to offer. If you have not checked my existing automated posts. check here and here, this one he is for Automated Machine Learning If you need an intro about Machine learning you can go here However, you […]

Pipes in R

In today’s post we will learn about the famous pipe operator %>% and other pipes in R, and its applications You have already seen the pipe operator %>% in my previous post. But do you know the origins of it, what they exactly are, or how, when and why you should use them? so lets get started, Introduction To understand […]

Into the multiverse… I mean Tidyverse

In today’s post, we will talk about the tidyverse package for R. Tidyverse is a suite of packages that use can use for most tasks from data wrangling to data visualization. In this post, we will talk about dplyr and some of ggplot2. for a full post on ggplot2 click here Composition The tidyverse suite of packages comprises of the […]

Lazy Man’s Guide to Exploratory Data Analysis

You must have noticed by now, that I am not very active man. In order to avoid doing most of the work and spending more time analyzing. I have been looking for automatic tools. like my previous article about AutoML. if you haven’t had the chance to read it, you can check it out here and now here is my […]

Getting Started with R

In the last post, we saw an introduction to R and discussed about its uses. Since the aim here is to be a guide for absolute beginner. I will start by setting up the environment before we move further. We will also discuss some basic functionality on the way for getting started with R R-Base or R Studio? as explained […]