Create Interactive applications in R with Shiny

Those of you who are wondering that I have started a series of tutorials on Power BI but what about the ever so great R language that I claimed to be your one stop solution to all data problem. Here’s this very helpful package in R called Shiny. It works is as shiny as its name and this is the […]

Sentiment Analysis with R

In the last post, we talked about getting the data from twitter, in this post we will talk about the sentiment analysis on text. either from tweets that we just downloaded in our data set or full text documents. if you are not familiar with R, check out this post here to begin What is sentiment analysis? So what is […]

Analyze twitter with R

Hello Again, this post about how to analyze twitter with R to perform the analysis. In this article we will talk about the procedure or getting data from twitter and saving it as a dataset in R. it can be later used to perform sentiment analysis or if if is numerical data, to make some trend analysis. Getting Started We […]

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Data comes all shapes and sizes: time stamps, sensor readings, images, categorical labels, and so many more. A considerable amount of data is text and is deemed most valuable type of data for the capable of understanding it, for the purpose of Natural Language Processing (NLP), we will be using a famous library caller spaCy to take on some of […]

Automated Machine Learning with AutoKeras

As you know, I am very much into automated stuff. I don’t want to do much but get the benefits data science has to offer. If you have not checked my existing automated posts. check here and here, this one he is for Automated Machine Learning If you need an intro about Machine learning you can go here However, you […]

Pipes in R

In today’s post we will learn about the famous pipe operator %>% and other pipes in R, and its applications You have already seen the pipe operator %>% in my previous post. But do you know the origins of it, what they exactly are, or how, when and why you should use them? so lets get started, Introduction To understand […]

Into the multiverse… I mean Tidyverse

In today’s post, we will talk about the tidyverse package for R. Tidyverse is a suite of packages that use can use for most tasks from data wrangling to data visualization. In this post, we will talk about dplyr and some of ggplot2. for a full post on ggplot2 click here Composition The tidyverse suite of packages comprises of the […]