Alteryx Designer

Today, I will be introducing the Alteryx Designer. the tool to visual data processing. In the fast paced word of data analytics, sometimes it is very difficult to make sense of your analysis. You should consider yourself lucky if the data you export from your information system is ready for processing by your data processing tool. So what should we […]

Data connection in Power BI

In my last post, we saw that power BI is an awesome tool for data visualization and making interactive dashboards. But what good is a tool if you can’t get your data in the tool to visualize in there. Luckily for us this is not the case as it offers a bunch of Data connection in power BI. It provides […]

What is SAP HANA? in a nutshell

SAP HANA is the database technology based on the company’s (SAP) revolutionary in memory database technology. Now what exactly is in-memory database? In order to explain the benefit, let us go back to the basics of computer architecture. The standard computer comprises of the following a processor, that processes the instructions. a Hard disk to store the data on a […]