Pizza in Mug?

have you ever wondered if there’s an end to which people can innovate when it comes to cooking?! The whole trend of mug recipes – that have become a rage again during the lockdown – does not cease to boggle us. The amount of things you can dish out using just a mug and microwave is truly astounding, and a […]

Python Setup: The Beginner’s Guide

If you are beginning to learn Data science, you will encounter Python on your way. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to setup the python environment for data science. As a best practice to start, you should have proper tools. When I first began my journey, I had to face many issues in installing and setting up environment […]

What is SAP HANA? in a nutshell

SAP HANA is the database technology based on the company’s (SAP) revolutionary in memory database technology. Now what exactly is in-memory database? In order to explain the benefit, let us go back to the basics of computer architecture. The standard computer comprises of the following a processor, that processes the instructions. a Hard disk to store the data on a […]

Deep-Learning, a quick reference

Deep-learning caught the eyes of the world when Google AI was able to defeat hum player in the ancient game of Go. the game of Go has been the focus of research for AI experts for many years This brought fame to AI as computer defeated the human for first time in this complex game with umpteenth possibilities. Previously machines […]

Desi Italian , Qeema Pasta

Apart from traditional Italian recipes, I.e, Pizza. I would like to add here some of my personal favorites that has been domesticated with our culture. I like to call these recipes Desi Italian and when we come to Chinese we do have some desi Chinese as well. In case you are wondering, why I am using word Qeema instead of […]

UiPath Studio X

Today, I am going to introduce you to UiPath Studio X, with Studio X building your automation is easier than ever before. Whether you are a business user just starting to discover the power of automation or someone trying to learn RPA, Studio X is your one stop solution to do more with an intuitive user interface that you can […]

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (or RPA) is a form of automation that uses software tools to mimic a user working on applications or on artificial intelligence (AI)/digital workers. the modern tools in RPA emulates as if the user is actually performing these tasks themselves on a computer screen. tasks vary from simple data entry to data scrapping from web and to more complex tasks […]

DIY Pizza Sauce

Ever wonder how they got the authentic taste in pizza places but when you make the pizza at home, the base is unnecessarily sweet. Wonder no more as now we have this very good recipe for pizza sauce that will make your pizza taste authentic and is just balanced enough to give you a fine taste. Ingredients: Using Fresh Tomatoes […]